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Rami Lozowick, BA Social Work, Writer

I just got of Skype with Rami, one of my childhood friends. She recently graduated from Simmons College in Boston with a degree in Social Work. She lives in Boston and does amazing shit. She also took my 10-Week Habit Change Course a year ago and I thought I’d let you read what she wrote about designing her “New Normal.”

Me “Old Self”: Before, I was eating one meal a day, usually take out, around 8pm. I went to bed very late, and usually awoke feeling groggy and still tired. I drank almost no water, and never exercised. I continuously had a podcast, audiobook, or television show playing in the background; anything to avoid being with myself in silence. Most of the time, taking care of myself seemed like too much of a chore to even attempt. I talked about wanting to write often, craving it daily, never indulging myself in this deep yearning. Going into this course, my only solid goal was to be cooking my one meal at home, instead of ordering take out. I never dreamed I would be given an entirely new passion for life. Being in Shinay’s coaching group has changed and continues to transform my life in so many ways; some are obvious to me, and others I am still discovering.

Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to see many of these transformations very clearly. The first part of my internship took place before participating in Shinay’s course, and the second part of my internship began shortly after my completion of the course.

On the first day of my first internship, I woke up around 7 am, an hour before my alarm was set to go off. I woke up not out of excitement, nor because I was rested, I woke up because I was wracked with anxiety. I got dressed, and went to Whole Foods. I got two croissants, a small cup of fruit, and a large coffee. I drove around aimlessly smoking cigarettes and guzzling my coffee. I had finished it before I arrived at my internship at 9 am. Throughout the day I picked at the croissants and fruit, only managing to eat a small amount. I spent the day feeling hungry, over caffeinated and uncomfortable. I did not eat dinner until 8pm, and then only managed to eat some melon and yogurt. I went to bed around 2am.

The night before the first day of my second internship, I packed a large lunch consisting of pasta, homemade ratatouille, and some berries. The day of my internship, I woke up at 5:45am, 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. I woke up feeling rested, excited and ready for the day. I brushed my teeth, drank water and went to the bathroom. I put on my exercise clothes and took my dog for a walk. When I got home, I ate breakfast, took a shower, and got dressed. I grabbed my lunch and left.

On the way to my internship, I got a small coffee. At lunch time, a bunch of people gathered in the conference room to eat. I was a bit nervous because sometimes I have trouble eating in front of people I don’t know. I went and got my lunch anyway. I ate everything I packed! When I got back from my internship, I pulled my already made dinner from the fridge, simply heating it, before eating just after 6pm. I went on a short walk and was in asleep by 10pm.

In the course of this second day, I was able to vividly see many of the amazing transformations my life has undergone. My anxiety is reduced, I am sleeping better, I am cooking regularly and eating three meals a day. I am drinking more water than I ever have. I am exercising daily, experiencing daily moments of silence, and am taking the time to enjoy my day to day activities. I am learning how to use the Kaizen (small, continuous change) approach in all areas of my life. I have started writing again! I am experiencing a richer and more fulfilling life, and am learning how to truly take care of myself. I am finally learning to revel in the sensations of being alive! —Rami Lozowick


Amber Pistone, Reiki Practitioner, Mompreneur

Before starting the course with Shinay I had been on a path of self discovery and transformation for a while. I was full of ideas and goals, and constantly adding more, but often wondered “where do I start?” I was struggling with the balance of my current responsibilities and developing my future. Have you ever felt extremely excited and overwhelmed at the same time? Yep, that was me! Between my current work, caring for my family and starting a Reiki practice, I felt like I was balancing on water. I could maintain my daily tasks, but I was discouraged and worried that I did not have extra time to pursue my ideas and goals. One of my main goals at the time was learning more about Chakras. I had taken a Chakra class and was immediately hooked on learning as much as possible so I could incorporate it into my healing sessions.

As luck would have it, I found my way to a yoga class taught by Shinay. In the beginning of the class she mentioned she was also a Yoga Health Coach and had an online course starting soon. After talking to her about the course more I immediately knew it was something I had to do. She was helping people create a structure for themselves so they could move more freely and experience freedom. It resonated with my heart and it was exactly what I had been trying to do!

The course has taught me many things and provided a very strong foundation to continue on this path, but the number one thing I have realized is how important it is to take care of yourself physically. Up until the course, my path to self discovery was very internal and more on a spiritual level rather than a physical level. The course was like an AH HA moment for me – in order for me to thrive and expand internally I had to honor and care for my physical body just as much. Outside of trying to maintain an organic and GMO free diet, I had not been paying much attention to my body and its needs. When I care for my physical body, my energy and emotions become inline with my goals. My feelings of being overwhelmed easily disappear when I am grounded in the roots of my being—my body.

At this point, we are getting ready to wrap up the 10 week course and I couldn’t be more excited. Of course I am going to miss the routine engagement and encouragement, but I am finishing with an entire set of tools to keep me on the right path!



Rabia, Writer, Editor, Grandmother


Trusting the universe, I found that this training came at exactly the right time (the most auspicious time) in my life. Newly “retired” from working full time for the past 30 years, I am now “creating” my new life,” yet over the past year, I found myself falling back into old habits that were not useful, although painfully familiar. This Habit Changing Course has saved me from myself, and offered me another “platform” upon which to stand. [Along with Red Hawk’s Self Remembering Intensive, I’ve had a lot of support and tools given to me during the past three months. My job now, is to put them to use daily.]

The self-care aspect alone was well worth the price for the training. In my life as a young woman, than mother of two daughters and now grandmother to two grandchildren, self-care was never high enough on my priority list to warrant any attention. Most of my life has been spend caring for others. The thought, the wish, even the desire to actually care for myself was a foreign concept. This course helped me to see how vital it is to my own well-being, in addition to my family and loved ones. Imagine that?

This Habit Changing Training has been an eye-opening experience for me. During my lifetime (of 62 years), I have never given so much thoughtful care to my physical body than I have during the past three months, even during my two pregnancies. That is a most amazing outcome. The person I am becoming is the person who is willing to explore what it is that I want. I am becoming a person who can willingly step back, take a breath and then act. And I am a person who can and will forgo some old patterns and adopt an “I can try that” attitude. I am truly grateful for these new opportunities.