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Every day, we are faced with having to make choices about how to live and how to care for ourselves: how many hours of sleep to get, what time to get up, how to exercise, what kind of food to eat, how many meals to eat, how much water to drink… all these choices get in the way of really knowing what actions to take in order to have true vitality in a a body we love.

It’s time to take control of your health and learn the habits that will nourish YOU from the inside out. It’s time that you know what works for your body, without confusion, without forcing yourself to be someone you’re not, and without being to rigid. It’s time to discover your new normal, create your essential daily rhythm, and become your own best caretaker.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, have too much on your plate, feel like crap, are tired of your own sh**, want to change but don’t know how, don’t have time to take on anything new, want to relax but can’t seem to do it, and still don’t know why you’re gaining weight: I understand, I’ve been there too.

I want to help you figure out what’s getting in the way of your vibrant health. I want to help you let go of what’s no longer serving you. I want to help you learn to make choices that will support you in a life of vitality and truly knowing how to nourish your body, heart and soul.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m on a path toward living a more simple, intentional, and sustainable life. I’m figuring it out, together, with a community of support around the world. Join the network.

Design your life, your way. Simply, Vibrantly. Start here. Start now.

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Rachel Peters, Grace Edison, Shelly Aaron, Shinay Tredeau, Cate Stillman, Sarah O’Neil, Batool, Beth Claxton, Lynn Taylor, Elise Marie Collins, representing the Yoga Health Coaching Community.