Hi, I’m Shinay.

“Let me tell you why I’m crazy, I honestly believe that people want to transform. Because this is what I desire.”

Yoga Teacher, Researcher, Author and body activist. Shinay helps people feel better in their bodies. She provides practical tools for creating the every-day habits you need to thrive for a lifetime.

As a yoga teacher, dance instructor and body activist, Shinay believes that the body is the way in, not the way out. As a Yoga Health Coach, she provides a dynamic learning environment for people seeking to uplevel their daily rhythm and live in alignment with their highest heal goals.

Enliven your body, mind, and spirit through 10 simple habits from Yoga and Ayurveda. Reconnect to what matters most—your wellbeing. 

Her question to you is, “How do you want to live in your body for this lifetime?” Through her work as a yoga teacher, yoga health coach, author, artist, dancer and body activist, Shinay explores such concepts as how to have a body, the body knows, yoga and psyche, food as medicine, and group work for personal transformation. Shinay loves asking hard questions. A a writer, Shinay tells true stories about herself and others, with the desire to breath more life into the world. Shinay loves yoga because it is an art and science of continual transformation and refinement at any age. 

“After working with Shinay as my Yoga Health Coach, I have started writing again! I am experiencing a richer and more fulfilling life, and am learning how to truly take care of myself. I am finally learning to revel in the sensations of being alive!” –Rami Lozowick, B.A. Social Work, Simmons College 

“I took a yoga class with Shinay and the very next day my chronic knee pain was gone. I’ve started drinking more water and in two days my clothes fit differently.” –Matthew Files, CEO, Just Windows, www.cleaningprescottwindows.com 

Shinay lives in Northern Arizona with her husband, Jesse, where she teaches weekly yoga classes, leads writing workshops, and tries to keep her herb garden alive. Shinay is the co-author of, Women Challenge the Lie: 8 Radical Moves to Get Beyond “Never Good Enough.”