About Shinay

Shinay Tredeau is a certified yoga teacher, yoga health coach, and co-author of Woman Challenge the Lie: 8 Radical Moves to Get Beyond “Never Good Enough.”

Shinay has been practicing yoga asana since 2003 and teaching since 2007. Known for her energy, passion, and love of the human body. She is inspired by bringing intergenerational groups of people together to practice and explore the art of yoga and conscious living.

Getting in touch is super easy.

You can find me on the web: hereFacebook, Instagram, GooglePlus, and Twitter.

To reach me directly, email me at shinay@shinaytredeau.com.

As a yoga teacher, dance instructor and body activist, Shinay believes the body is the way in, not the way out. As a Yoga Health Coach, she provides a dynamic learning environment for people seeking to evolve their daily routine in order to live in alignment with their optimal blueprint.

Check out Shinay’s Conscious Body 101 Course here for a dynamic kick-ass class in taking your body integrity up a notch.

Through her work as an author, artist, and dancer she continues to explore the concepts of, How to Have a Body, The Body Knows, Yoga and Psyche, Food as Medicine, and Group Work for Personal Transformation. I love asking hard questions that uproot old patterns and enliven one’s spirit.

Shinay resides in Chino Valley Arizona with her husband, constant sunshine, and magnificent desert sunsets.  She enjoys practicing yoga, dancing, writing, drinking tea, planting flowers, reading, cooking, hiking, and adventures.


Hold up!

If you want to speak to me directly about how you can evolve your habits and learn to take your healing into your own hands, then let’s chat. If you are one of those people who are too young to feel old, who wants to experience a wellness breakthrough and/or are a new yoga teacher who really wants to walk your talk, than don’t be shy!

3 Ways to Reach me:

  1. shinay@shinaytredeau.com (my direct email)
  2. www.timetrade.com/book/Y3SHR (the best way to get your questions answered and my laser focused attention)
  3. Come to one of my public yoga classes in Prescott, Arizona: www.shinaytredeau.com/yoga