Daily Rhythm

or Dinacharya in Sanskrit means, “Following the rhythm of the day.” This is all about how what we do (or don’t do) effects who we are and how we show up in the world. Over the past five years I’ve been studying Ayurveda “The science of living,” which is based on living in sync with nature’s rhythms. What I’ve learned is that when I follow the rhythm of the day (i.e. go to bed when the sun goes down and eat warm foods in the Fall) my whole body becomes harmonious and balanced. When I fight the urge to go to bed when I feel tired, I create dis-ease in my body, mind, and spirit.

Ayurveda tells us that diseases are generated at the junctions of the season, the moments when one season changes into another. –Dr. Robert Svoboda, Ayurveda for Women: a guide to vitality and health

The teachings of Ayurveda remind us that it is better to engage in daily activities which prevent illness before it occurs. As practitioners of yoga and students of life we are encouraged to live in a way that allows optimum flow of energy/prana/life force.

The Three Pillars of Dinacharya: 

  1. Sleep—allows the body and mind to rest and digest, aim to be in bed before 10pm to give the digestive system a chance to detox naturally
  2. Food—it’s not only about what you stick in your pie hole, but how  you eat your food, relaxed, grateful, sitting down
  3. Digestive Fire and Energy Integrity—the leading causes of disease can be traced to what the body (and mind and emotions) can and cannot digest. When we live in accordance to the natural cycles already present in the universe (i.e. wind in fall and spring, sun goes up, sun goes down, earth spins around, aging happens) and we start to accept and “go with the flow” of nature, we thrive.

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