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“To be a good writer one must read great writing,” Regina told me. I believe her. Regina and I have been holding onto one another since I was six months old. She carried me around Europe and then taught me how to write and how to read. I tend to read three books at one time, […]

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Brain Bark

I learned this recipe from one of my mentors, Lalitha Thomas. I made it for my niece (age 6) and nephew (age 2) and they both thought it was chocolate! (Oops! And I didn’t correct them.) I made it for my brother-in-law (a true foodie) and he liked it well enough. And I make it for my […]

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Take it from Prince Siddhartha—Life is Difficult So Let’s Rejoice.

Well here’s the best kept secret that no one ever told me, until now— “LIFE IS DIFFICULT.” Thank you Dr. Scott Peck for telling it like it is. Life is difficult. Period. And this fact is not a problem. (Parents, please tell your children that life is difficult and that this is OKAY!) I’ve spent […]

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Collard Green Pesto

Here it is folks, Shinay’s recipe. (Even my husband likes this one!) Ingredients: 1 bunch collard greens 1 bunch basil 1 cup sunflower seeds 1/2-1 cup olive oil 1-3 cloves garlic juice from 1 lemon salt + pepper to taste water for desired thickness Optional/Additional: stone ground mustard wild weeds! (thistle, tumble weed, dandelions) yes, […]

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Learn to love lunch

I’m all about lunch. The practice of eating a larger lunch in order to have an earlier, lighter dinner, in order to go to bed early, in order to wake up early and start the day right—are the practices have effected my immune system, my energy integrity, and my over all wellbeing and feelings of happiness […]

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Thursday Musings

My heart misses the desert, my home, familiar things like the smell of the changing seasons, like the way the sun beats down in the middle of December. My soul aches for those who have been buried there, under the cactus and the vast blue sky. I hold back my tears like the rain does […]

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